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Grant Writing

Understanding how to persuasively write to potential donors for funding


Continue your development in areas such as Data Analysis, Academic Writing, Professional and Interpersonal Communication, Coding, Collaboration, Scientific Terminology, and Presentation skills.

Develop life-long professional relations and gain mentors

Surround yourself with graduate students, PhD-holders, post-docs, and other undergraduate researchers.


Attend informative presentations given by experienced researchers to gain a better understanding of the scientific community and processes


Create a presentation (ie: posters or video productions) to showcase the processes and products of your research towards the end of the program.

Want to be a part of our research program?

We are looking for passionate, driven students who are interested in studying the impact of Pre-Health Shadowing during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other topics including Diversity, Medical Education, Student interest, Health Professional School Matriculation, and Mental/behavioral health.


Let's take it step by step

Learning Objectives

Students will gain a greater understanding of the scientific process.
Students will become proficient in the grant writing research process, more specifically, grant proposals relevant to their research and writing composition.
Students will familiarize themselves with the process of publishing scientific work.
Students will be able to integrate scientific reasoning through the perusal of academic work into their reading and writing. Students will familiarize themselves with academic processes and scientific vernacular.
Students will be able to adapt concepts to deliver complex information in varying levels of expertise.
Students will gain an understanding of the verbal and nonverbal aspects of effective speech delivery through the presentation of research concepts to varying audiences.
Students will gain competency in literature analysis and the research itself, which will create additional ideas for future research explorations.
Students will continuously develop knowledge and skills stemming from primary research project.


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