Yes! You can add Pre-Health Shadowing as "Virtual Shadowing" in healthcare experiences. Since this is a new program, we are hoping that it will gain popularity and become more well known thus gaining recognition by schools and admissions teams.
Pre-Health Shadowing is a student-led, student-based organization. We recently filed for 501(c)(3) non-profit status.
Yes! Pre-Health Shadowing is committed to make accessible, flexible opportunities for students nationally. If you cannot make a scheduled session, you can view the archived video after the scheduled end time and still take the quiz.
Certificates will be received upon achieving a passing score (70% or higher) on the quiz following the session. If you passed with 70% or better, you should not retake the test to get a better score.

If you've passed the assessment and haven't yet received your certificate, go back to the speaker's main page and press "Finish Course" to unlock the certificate.

You can view all of your certificates and your session statuses by visiting the Profiles page.

We are a California based organization thus the times are in Pacific Time.
Yes! Pre-Health Shadowing is 100% free for anyone who is interested. Our student-led program is working to promote diversity in the health field and to fight inequities in health education.
Register for a shadowing session via the events tab. You can view the zoom link in the speaker's course. Please join 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.
You can join a zoom session by registering for the health professional in their profile on our website. You can also watch past videos by going to "View All Shadowing Sessions". Begin by clicking "Take this course" to the right of the speaker's photo in their course profile page. At the end of the shadowing session, you can take the quiz. If you pass with a 70% or higher, you are eligible for a certificate. Ensure you have clicked "Finish course" after you pass your assessment. If you skip this step you will not receive your certificate. Your certificate is downloadable immediately and can also be found in your profile under the "Certificates" tab.
Our program is student-based, student-led! You can submit an application through our website if you are interested in joining our team. We currently have about 25 student-team members from various parts of the United States and even the world.
A Pre-Health Shadowing Student-Volunteer can do many things within the program. Some of the current projects of our volunteers include student outreach, professional nominations, creating marketing content, finding free resources for students, grant searching and writing, donor nominations, fundraising, and sponsorship searching. Volunteers are able to submit project proposals as well if they are interested in working on a new idea.
We recommend downloading each certificate into a folder on your device and maintaining a document or spreadsheet to keep track of your hours.

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