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At Transfer to Healthcare, we are overcoming inequity in health education by promoting diversity within the field. We strive to aid community college students pursuing a career in healthcare through accessible and free resources. Marginalized and underrepresented students of all backgrounds in community college who lack the same opportunities as students pursuing a non-traditional pathway can find invaluable resources here at Transfer to Healthcare.

Why Us?


What we offer

Focused shadowing sessions

Engage in virtual shadowing sessions with professionals who have experienced first-hand many of the obstacles students who are transferring from community colleges to medical school may face.


Participate in workshops that focus on key elements of entering various programs and supplemental insight, including finances, extracurriculars, personal statements, and more.

access to scholarships

Granted to select students who apply. More information regarding scholarships will come soon.


Connect with professionals who can provide ongoing support and insight in a personalized fashion throughout the preparation, application, and admissions process.

professional development

Contribute to our growing student-led, non-profit organization to gain key skills in leadership, organization, communication, and management. Students have the opportunity to apply to the leadership team of PHS.

additional resources

Gain access to resources that support all aspects of applying to programs, standing out as an applicant, advice from professionals, and more.

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Meet the Team

Transfer to Healthcare Leadership Team

Nina Bouzamondo-Bernstein

Founder & CEO
Pre-Health Shadowing

Jane Ton

President & COO
Pre-Health Shadowing


Lead of Transfer to Healthcare Pre-Health Shadowing


Assistant Lead of Transfer to Healthcare
Pre-Health Shadowing


Pre-Health Shadowing

Role descriptions

Interested in joining the leadership team?

  • Responsible for reaching out to healthcare professionals who enjoys speaking during a live session
  • Must be able to communicate with professionals frequently and professionally
  • Help solve any conflicts that may arise with those that call off or need to reschedule for another date
  • Responsible for scheduling and finalizing the sessions with the healthcare professionals
  • Responsible for marketing and professional outreach to get students interested in participating in sessions by advertising our new CC program
  • Must be able to continue communicating with students and answer any potential questions they have (ex: how to join)
  • Involve data mining, reaching out to transfer organizations, and staying up to date on communication
  • Responsible for all designs within THP
  • Must work with PHS designs team for potential outreach efforts
  • Must have experience in graphic designs (no certification required)
  • Successful candidates will be asked to submit their previous works and/or portfolio for final consideration
  • Responsible for obtaining workshop materials from speakers
  • Upload the recordings to THP webpage
  • Create reference documents
    • For example: “Getting Ready to Transfer as a Pre-Med/Pre-PA-Pre-NP, etc.”, “Finding Extracurricular Opportunities as a transfer pre-health student”.
  • Coming up with different events that can meet the different needs of students (MD, DO, PA, NP, BSN).
    • For example: Courses, activities, MCAT, AAMC, school list, major/minor, general application, secondary application, CASPER, SJT, low-income application resources, etc.
  • Upholds communication with both social media team and outreach team to ensure live sessions and workshops are posted on platforms regularly
  • Create social media schedules for both the live sessions and workshops, and hold the PHS social media team accountable for posting timely
  • Responsible for managing marketing our CC program on PHS socials: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • Find unique ways that could help gain more student interaction
  • Provide information to PHS social media team for posts, geared toward transfers
  • Responsible for solving any technical issues that may arise with live sessions and websites
  • Must be comfortable with coding and have (minimal) experience with fixing websites
  • Must also be able to quickly change and update the website, as needed
  • Responsible for managing the live session and being fully present to adhere to any potential problems and questions that may arise during the live session
  • Must be attentive to both, the student and the healthcare professional that is speaking 
  • Cohost: Volunteers that are responsible for introducing themselves and what our CC program is about. Must be able to elaborate on who our CC program is for, why we are offering this program, and how to join the program. Must give instructions on how to receive credit for the live session and briefly mention where the students can find the quiz. Volunteer will also be  responsible for introducing the spotlight speaker. Must give a brief introduction of the professionals, such as who they are, their specialty, and why they are a perfect fit for our organization. Volunteers will pass it over to the professional, so they can present their slides.
  • Questions: Volunteers that are responsible for keeping up with the incoming chat messages so that they can later ask those questions to the professional speaking once he/she is done presenting their slides. Volunteers must be able to sort through the questions that are being asked by the students to take the most common and important questions and prioritize them, so that they can get answered. Volunteers must unmute themselves to ask the questions and must do so in a fast-paced manner that will not rush the speaker but will also not take up too much time on a single question. Volunteers must therefore, be considerate of the time and ensure that there is time left to be able to ask those questions first.
  • Quiz: Volunteers that are responsible for writing the quiz questions. Must write the questions so that the students can easily find the answers simply by watching the live session (in order). 
  • One point of contact
  • Ensure the organization runs smoothly during the live sessions
  • Responsible for having volunteers fill slots for live sessions, if there are any empty slots they are responsible for filling them
  • Responsible for deciding dates and times of workshops, and will work with other members to consolidate all of our work into neat packages for use in live sessions and workshops. 
  • Make sure everyone is communicating as they should and know their own roles
  • Finding healthcare professionals who recently underwent the application/admissions process that can guide students on their experiences 
  • Sending outreach email to recruit professionals
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